RME Model Selection Procedure

  1. Submit an application to EBEN GR
    (Read information here and fill in the application after you download it here).
  2. After granting approval to participate in the certification, the organization receives from EBEN GR the following material:
    a) The completed Responsible Management Excellence Model (RME).
    b) RME self assessment questionnaire.
  3. The organization (if newcomer compulsory, otherwise optional) fills in the questionnaire with appropriately (ticks) and sends the RME self assessment via e-mail to the administrator of Eben Gr(info@eben.gr).
  4. A site visit date is set in collaboration with validators.
  5. Site-visit completion.
  6. After the site visit, the organization receives a feedback report.
  7. Upon successful completion of the site-visit, the award ceremony follows.