Ambassarors Club of EBEB


The purpose of EBEN Ambassadors Club is to inspire VIP business executives within a network of similar minded peers who are dedicated to career growth and business performance by learning from others’ experiences and wisdom with a passion for Ethics.

This network through the power of shared information in a friendly atmosphere and business ethics culture should inspire & influence business leaders to promote this culture of excellence to their environment at large and be…CSR Actions Coordinators… more efficient in today’s challenges and economic turmoil.

Ancient Virtues

In Nicomachean Ethics, a virtue (arête) is a trait of mind or character that helps us achieve a good life, which Aristotle argues is a life in accordance with reason. Aristotle says that anything that is part of the soul is either a faculty or a state of character. So, since virtues are part of the soul, they must be one of these.

RME Model
The Ambassadors club according to Responsible Management Model of EBEN (RME) decided to represent the above-mentioned Aristotle’s virtues by introducing the ACE Ambassadors.



Become an Ambassador
& gain access to coaching
and networking
for your career, your friends and the benefit of the society at large.


Special events, social gatherings and actions are focused upon
in taking place periodically as to bring Members and their friends closer together and benefit the society at large.


Members will also be promoted as good examples via publication through the Media of their interviews handed by EBEN.


Become a Member

Information about the Ambassadors Club of EBEN & application form.

Social Support Actions

Coordinated social support actions involving all ACE members voluntarily attendance from ACE members

In 2019 the prominent action was beach-cleaning of nearby Athens MARATHON beach, as part of the “European Cleaning Day”. Beach-cleaning active members of ACE: Athenian Sea Carriers LTD, Ε.ΥΔ.ΑΠ. Α.Ε. (Internal Audit Division), Intralot S.A., MINETTA, Sefco Zeelandia S.A., under the guidance of HELMEPA.


Annual Information books on cultural education issues. Publish of ACE books on an annual basis from 2018, to inform the public in matters of cultural education. The companies/representatives who voluntary supported the book of ACE for 2019 with reference to the abiotic environment that we are all responsible and always find it in whatever we do.