Passion for Ethics

Aristotle (e.g. 384-324 bc)

PRECONDITION: A code for all. All are equal before the code, without impairment of diversity.

  1. Integrity: Ethical handling of personal Vs professional interests
  2. Objectivity: Compliance with laws regulations and rules
  3. Independence: Not improperly influenced by third parties
  4. Confidentiality: Ethical standards enforced without side effects
  5. Competency: Full, fair, accurate, timely, understandable action and reporting.
  6. Accountability: Adherence to the code’s principles, visibility
  7. Sustainability: Steadily positive results based on systematic approach
  8. Respect for Human Life: Protection of Human safety and dignity
  9. Protect the Environment: Protection of the environment as our home
  10. Pursue Economic Justice: The organisation’s welfare seen as a part of world welfare

Based on International Standards