EBEN in Greece


The Greek Institute of Business Ethics Network – EBEN GR which represents the European Business Ethics Network, is a nonprofit organization that was founded in Greece in 2005.


EBEN in Europe

EBEN was the first most active Business Ethics Network representing Europe and already includes 18 countries – as members, just to mention Denmark, the UK, the Germany and Spain among others.

EBEN was founded in 2000 and is already recognized worldwide as a representative of the European understanding of what business ethics is all about.

European Network aim is to diffuse that kind of management which is based on values, moral leadership, but also to increase the knowledge about the responsibility of companies towards society.

Long-term objective is the cultivation of such society of businessmen who adopt cordially the values ​​of business ethics and who will nurture with these values the next generation of professionals and academics.


Our mission

Our mission is to promote ethics and excellence in business, to raise awareness about the ethical challenges in the global market and give the potentials of dialogue on the role of business in society.

“Integrity without knowledge

is weak and useless,

and knowledge without integrity

is dangerous and dreadful “

Samuel Johnson


  • EBEN Annual Conference: Hosted by a national group, where the conference bring together academics and professionals around a keynote.
  • EBEN Research Conference: Based on a keynote and addressed mainly academics, this conference presents recent research or an ongoing research. It allows ethical professionals of all kinds to exchange their scientific work.
  • EBEN Doctoral workshop: Aims at those who teach doctorates on business ethics. This annual event usually precedes the annual conference.
  • Interest Groups of EBEN: Under EBEN, various interest groups focus on a specific topic (eg SRI, CSR in SMEs, etc.). These interest groups organize all kinds of activities which are open to everyone.

“The company should support everything in our life,

including our spiritual life “

Woodrow Wilson

Business professionals are active members of EBEN and EBEN wants always to be an interactive organization where academics and entrepreneurs constantly interact and learn from each other.

We support professionals by offering them the following:

  • The Forum of European business ethics: this annual conference, of three partners, is focused solely on ethics and compliance officers. It is an ideal place for the exchange of best practices.
  • International network of academic updated capabilities in the field of business ethics and relevant areas such as corporate social responsibility, accountability and corporate citizenship.
  • Exchanging information on business initiatives taken and best practices.
  • International collaborations with researchers and business ethics consultants.
  • Contacts and joint projects with similar networks around the world.
  • Access to ethical tools such as training on disputes, assessment of values in the organization and participation in role models development.

Through our members activities and the numerous conferences, the EBEN offers a continuous flow of publications in business ethics area, with strong links to major publishing houses. We publish annual special editions of the « Business Ethics Journal » magazine (special price for the EBEN Chapters participating in the annual conference) and of ZFWU, having institutional link with EU review Business Ethics. The EBEN represents Europe in the area of international business ethics, conferences of the International Business Company, Ethics and Economics. We have extensive contacts with several partner organizations which are active in business ethics & CSR and simultaneously are frequently engaged in political bodies associated with CSR & business ethics.