The annual General Meeting of EBEN GR was held successfully on Tuesday 15th of June, 2021.
Mr. A. Gortzis, President/EBEN Gr, presented the Actions and Financial Report for year 2020, the Audit Committee Report year 2020 and planning of new actions for EBEN Gr and the AMBASSADORS CLUB, year 2021.
Elections followed concluding the new BOD for the period July 2021/23 comprised of the following members:
Voting members:
Antonis Gortzis – President
Apollo Karakalas – Vice President
Gelina Karella – Secretary General
Ioannis Bertsatos – Treasurer
Dr. Nikolaos Tsakonas – Member & Ambassadors Club President
Georgios Sarris – Member
Georgios Pierrakos – Member

No-Voting members:
Prof. Dr. Ioannis Filos – President Academic Committee
Dimitrios Patras

The Responsible Management Excellence Model for 2021 certifications has already started with the participation of public and private sector, organizations and companies respectively.

Please find out regarding EBEN & ACE membership & associated information like the “RESPONSIBLE MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE” for year 2021 certification at