Commitment to sustainability – Business Ethics Conference

14 November 2018 – MAROUSSI PLAZA Amphitheater


Companies – in public sector as much as the private sector – had never faced the kind of moral challenges that are facing in todays worldwide economy. And this is because today, nore than ever, making business” is demanded to act ethically and take responsibility for the impact and the consequences of their acions, not only to to the direct interested parties  – stakeholders, employees, partners – but mainly to the social anf financial framework in general and to the environment. Meanwhile businesses are required to implement responsibly principles of sustainable development in carrying out their activities, taking into account the needs and prosperity of future generations.

Within this framework, Boussias Communications is organizing the first Business Ethics Conference,on November 14th 2018, with the aim of highlighting the importance of business ethics and responsibility for ensuring business sustainability and success, as well as analyzing the economic and administrative impact of ethical, responsible and sustainable business decisions and actions.