Today more than ever before, the need of development of new forms of responsibility that will contribute to the sustainability of business competitiveness becomes imperative.This fact is owed to factors such as:

  • Market globalization.
  • Available economic resources way of allocation in a worldwide scale.
  • Anxiety on environmental conditions changes.
  • The achievements in new technologies sector
  • The implementation of Business Ethics principles affects positively the relations of enterprises as much as with external as also with the internal customers.

Customers – and potential customers – award the enterprises that apply the practices of Business Ethics with their preference, entrustment and at the end of the day with their devotion.Finally by applying modern CSR & CG practices in business environment, the quality of collaboration is upgraded and a climate of reciprocal confidence is cultivated, which contributes to the customers support to the company in crisis periods, firm obtains much higher esteem and gains a constant competitive advantage.