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Welcome to the Site of EBEN GR Organization

EBEN (EUROPEAN BUSINESS ETHICS NETWORK) constitutes the most active Business Ethics Network in Europe today and it has already 18 active member states, among which Denmark, Great Britain, Germany, Spain and France. The European presence of EBEN is particularly important through its considerable work and actions in the member states. EBEN GR constitutes the Greek chapter, a worthy representative of our country, which supports initiatives that promote corporate social responsibility in action. The Institute’s aim is to promote and diffuse the principles of Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance in the private and public sector, the academic community, in voluntary organizations as well as among the sensitized members of the society that participate in our actions as natural persons. EBEN GR aims to play an important role in the business sector by providing support to organizations and professionals in order for them to be able to implement a new way of administration, making use of consulting services, research tools, education and the spread of good practices.  

Call for contributions

European Business Ethics Network Greek Chapter

Research Conference

Athens, Greece | 6-8 Sept. 2017

Will take place at DEREE-The American College of Greece


  • Ethics and Economy

  • Different Theories of CSR

  • Global Justice | Institutional Justice | Individual Justice | Plato’s Justice

  • Workplace Justice | Businesses and Global Justice | Institutions and Justice

  • Ethics in a Global Economy | Essentials for a Just Economy and Society

  • CSR, Sustainability and Global Ethics | Justice as a Requirement for Sustainability

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